RAM Trucks Canada

RAM Trucks Canada has been an Amber Marshall Partner since 2013.

Even before the special relationship formed, Amber drove a RAM and lived the RAM Truck lifestyle.

Seven years later, Amber and Chrysler continue their unique partnership where both groups benefit from Amber’s commitment to promoting the RAM Trucks brand.

Whether it’s for work around her ranch, hauling horses, hay or livestock, Amber needs a reliable truck that meets all of her demands and works as hard as she does. That’s why she chose RAM so many years ago.


Click on the Globe & Mail DRIVE links below to learn more about Amber’s love of RAM Trucks and ways she puts them to daily use on her Ranch, and recreational escapes with her horses and friends.

Globe & Mail Drive feature with VIDEO by Petrina Gentile / 2019

Globe & Mail Drive feature by Petrina Gentile / 2013





Photos taken by Shawn Turner.

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