The Canadian Animal Assistance Team is a volunteer-driven program providing veterinary services, humane education and assistance to communities. Their mission is to assist with long-term sustainable pet population management by looking at the root of the problem. As a life-long supporter of animal welfare, I am a big believer in what this organization is doing. To find out more head to their website: 




Wild Horses of Alberta Society’s is a locally based organization that gives a voice to the incredible wild horses who live freely in the foothills. They are committed to the preservation and humane treatment of these magnificent animals. I have been very fortunate to see these herds in their natural environment and recently took in an orphan wild colt who would have succumb to starvation or predators if WHOAS had not swooped in to rescue him. To learn more about WHOAS visit:



Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre is committed to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned or otherwise compromised wildlife. Their goal is to return healthy animals to their natural habitat and through education they are dedicated to increasing public awareness about and respect for Canadian wildlife. I have always been fascinated by the wild animals living among humans and believe that we can live in harmony with the native species if we are educated and understand the natural cycles. So many are fearful of wildlife and therefore just don’t want them around. Or they find them a nascence. I learned so much during my time volunteering at Salthaven and I encourage you to reach out to local wildlife centers in your area to learn more. To donate or learn more about Salthaven visit:


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