March 7, 2017

Elmira, Ontario


MarCam Pet Nutrition Inc. Sponsorship with Amber Marshall, Star of CBC’s Heartland

MarCam Pet Nutrition Inc., owners of Valens Pet Nutrition™ Gourmet Dog and Cat Food, Martin little friends™ Small Pet Foods and Martin Special Moments™ Horse Treats, are pleased to announce the signing of a year-long Sponsorship Agreement with Amber Marshall, star of CBC’s family drama, Heartland. Over the course of the year, Amber Marshall will help to represent the Valens™ Gourmet Dog and Cat Food products, along with Martin little friends™ treats for small pets and Martin Special Moments™ Horse Treats.

Ms. Marshall and her wide variety of pets and horses will appear on the Valens Pet Nutrition, Martin Horse and Martin Mills social media pages and in turn Valens and Martins high quality small pet foods and horse treats will be featured on Amber Marshall social media platforms, as well as in her signature magazine, Amber Marshall Life & Style, which is available in both print and digital form. Dogs, cats, small pets and horses are an integral part of Amber Marshall’s home life, and she shares in common with MarCam Pet Nutrition the values that place our companion animals’ happiness and well-being as a top priority.

Amber Marshall has starred as Amy Fleming, the central figure on Heartland on CBC for 10 years now. Her character has evolved from a high school student discovering her unique abilities to bond with and train horses, to a fully-fledged horse whisperer, wife and expectant mother. Heartland is the longest running hour-long drama in Canadian television history, and is syndicated to countries around the world. Her fan base, happily known as AmberNation, stretches across North America, and into Britain, Europe, Australia and approximately 100 countries in between.

MarCam Pet Nutrition is a family-run business based in Elmira, Ontario with roots in the community since 1923. This proud Canadian company is overjoyed to be partnering with a Canadian icon, in order to bring nationwide attention to their wide variety of nutritious and flavourful food and treats for companion animals both large and small.

Amber Marshall will be available for media interviews. All inquiries regarding Ms. Marshall should be directed to her publicist, Jody Stockfish, at 416-659-7387 or at All MarCam Pet Nutrition inquiries should be directed to Mike Campbell, at 519-533-7422 or at

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